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- Bae Jong-hyun
82 - 31 - 4652224

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“ We only make the best product based on our world No. 1 technologies.”   

 Hitech Korea Co.,Ltd  is the best company that produces and supplies the best quality of electronic components through continuous development for the up-to-date precision electronic components. At the same time, our company contributes at a nation economy and growth of customer through a value creation of the customer.

Over the past 12 years, Hitech Korea has been developing, manufacturing
and supplying best quality of stylus pens for mobile gadgets with domestic
and global brands, being a famed vendor as Industry leading technology
In 2006, it had developed World First Capacitive Stylus Pen optimized for
Capacitive Style Touch Screen Panel with its own patent and also gained its
international reputation of Global Powerhouse with one-stop manufacturing
facility as Developer & Producer of Top Quality Capacitive Stylus Pen.
With brand name, Hitech Korea has been selected as approved vendor for
official AnyCall’s certified products (SAMSUNG Electronics), Anymode and
LGE, Sharp,Panasonic,JVC,KT Telecom, accelerating overseas sales around the globe including
Japan and US.


2013. 05.  Export SWCNT Nano Fabric type Capacitive Stylus Pen - Panasonic (Japan)
2013. 01.  Export  SWCNT Nano Fabric type Capacitive Stylus Pen - Sharp (Japan)
2012. 09. Corparate transitioned to HITECH KOREA Co.,Ltd.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   .                                                                                          2012. 03. Developed Smart Dot Laser Pointer

2011. 11. Export SWCNT Nano Fabric Stylus Pen - Princeton (Japan)
2011. 08. Developed  2 model SWCNT Nano Fabric type Touch Pen 
                  SWCNT-C950M, SWCNT-850S 

2011. 04. Developed 4 models Capacitive stylus pen 

         03. Developed Capacitive Stylus Pen - LGE
2010. 12. Developed Stylus Pen - JVC Kenwood (Japan)
2010. 11. Developed GM-950C Capacitive Styluspen
         09. Developed GM-S800 Capacitive Styluspen
         07. Certified Capacitive Stylus Pen for Samsung and Anymode
         06. Selection HIT500 for Capacitive Stylus pen
                  (Minister of Knowledge Economy - Korea)

         02. Applied for ten Patent - Capacitive styluspen           

         01. Patent Brand Mark -etouchpen
2009. 12. Applied for tow Patent External Stylus Pen
2008. 03. Developed Sun Visor for Car (Hyundai Mortors)
2007. 08. Export Mobile Parts -Jurong Hi-Tech(Singapore)
2006. 09. Export Stylus Pen - Techfaith(China)   

         08. Developed of stylus pen-SMD(Samsung mobile display)

         04. Deloped Capacitive Stylus Pen - LGE
2005. 03. Developed stylus Pen - NEC (Japan)
2004. 03. Developed Slide Hinge Module
2003. 08. Developed and export stylus Pen - Ningbo Bird(China)
2001. 01. Established HITECH KOREA Co.


SWCNT Nano Fabric type Capacitive Stylus pen is

1. Better touch response & writing feeling than Silicon rubber & Plastic Tip

*Coating CNT into Sponge, EMI Fabric and outer surface of textile

2. More excellent soft sliding than silicon rubber

3. Contact resistance of SWCNT Fabric is less than 1 ㏀ under.

4. Coating does not peel off or wear out.

5. No fabric-torn status until the maximum force of 300gf drawing

6. Smooth writing touch

7. Contact Tip Diameter: ¢2.0mm ~5.5mm   ¢6.5mm , ¢8.0mm

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